Budapest Panorama


Palace of Arts / Bartók National Concert Hall

Gregory Porter and the Modern Art Orchestra

Everyone knows him as the singer in the flat cap. And yet Gregory Porter is just as easily identifiable from his voice, and as a jazz singer with one of the most steeply ascending career curves.


Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art

/////////fur////: no pain no game

The name //////////fur//// covers two media artists and art critics, gadget artists and game designers, Volker Morawe and Tilmann Reiff.


MOM Cultural Centre

Macbeth - Kulcsár Noémi Tellabor

The eternal lesson of the tragedy of Macbeth is that a misconceived sense of vocation, a pathological ambition and a false ruling spirit, create destructive figures with distorted spirits.


Hungarian National Gallery


József Rippl-Rónai had at least as great an impact on modern Hungarian art as Aristide Maillol had on modern European sculpture. The friendship between these two influential artists, and the artistic documents of their relationship, are the focus of an exhibition.


Budapest Music Center

Arve Henriksen and the Trio Mediæval

The cooperation between Norwegian jazz trumpeter Arve Henriksen and the Trio Mediæval, a vocal ensemble specializing in medieval music, is in many ways similar to Jan Garbarek’s project with the Hilliard Ensemble, from two decades earlier. And not only with regard to the principle - that of approaching centuries-old melodies from the angle of contemporary jazz -, but also as far as quality is concerned.


Trafó - House of Contemporary Arts

Wayne McGregor - Random Dance: Atomos

Particles of movement, film, sound and light cohere into tense emotions. The latest piece of the super-modern choreographer features ten astonishing dancers. The focus is again on Wayne McGregor’s passion for the human body, and the desire to create motion of a visceral, strong physicality.


Liszt Academy

Mária Petrás and the Szigony Ensemble - Moldavian Csángó Folk Music

The dance house movement launched in the early 1970s is frequently associated with Transylvanian string music. There is no doubt that, at the beginning, attention was directed to these areas, but a good decade later the scope began to broaden.