Budapest Panorama


Budapest Park

Vad Fruttik End of Summer party

One of Hungary's leading pop-rock band is back in the Park. 


Ludwig Museum - Museum of Contemporary Art


Guglielmo Achille Cavellini's art, conceptual self-promotion, ‘conquered’ the whole world through the network of correspondence art: hundreds of works literally praising Cavellini, as well as Cavellini homage actions and events came into being.


Margaret Island Open-air Stage


Presented in dance, the peasant revolt led by György Dózsa 500 years ago is a landmark event in the history of Hungary.  A suggestive vision of the past it evokes the common fate of Hungarians.


Museum of Fine Arts

The World of Toulouse-Lautrec

The exhibition plans to present the Parisian settings and people connected to Toulouse-Lautrec in thematic groups, allowing for the portrayal of the scenes of public and private life, individuals vs. types and the examination of the boundaries between popular and elitist art.


Hungarian National Gallery

Dada and Surrealism. Magritte, Duchamp, Man Ray, Miró, Dalí.

Selected works from the collection of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem - The exhibition, featuring works by artists such as Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst, Man Ray, Joan Miró, Kurt Schwitters, René Magritte and Salvador Dalí, selected from the collection of the Israel Museum, Jerusalem, will offer a comprehensive overview of the greatest figures, events, documents and influences in Dada and Surrealism from the late 1910s to the mid-1970s.



Dohány Street Synagoge

I ask the Stars – Concert of the Budapest Klezmer Band

Among the Jewish Summer Festival’s anchor programs is the concert of the Budapest Klezmer Band, one of Europe’s leading klezmer ensembles.



Enter Shikari (UK)

One of the key bands of electronic metalcore, the Enter Shikari returns to the A38 Ship where they gave their debut club concert in Hungary for a packed audience. Since then the British band has played some of the greatest Hungarian festivals, but now they return for an exclusive club gig presenting also their latest songs that are going to be published on their next album coming out next winter.