Budapest Panorama


Erkel Theatre

Moiseyev Ballet

Anyone who has ever seen the world-famous dance company on stage will never forget the experience, and is sure to be constantly seeking in every other dance production the inimitable virtuosity that has, over close on a century, become the Moiseyev’s own “brand”.


Trafó - House of Contemporary Arts


GRIND is a collaboration between choreographer and dancer Jefta van Dinther, lighting designer Minna Tiikkainen and sound designer David Kiers. Inspired by synesthesia, the performance seeks to challenge our grip on reality by suspending our senses and short-circuiting perception.


Hungarian Railway History Park

Pig Slaughter Sausage Festival

In the festival you can experience Hungary’s latest and most original gastronomic sensation. The organizers bring the traditional Pig Slaughtering atmosphere to Budapest. The event is going to be 100% celebrity free, especially traditional and a gastro-cultural delicacy.


Museum of Fine Arts

Masterpieces of Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age

The exhibition is built around Rembrandt, the greatest master of the period, by whom 20 masterpieces will be on display. A further sensation of the exhibition is that visitors can also view three works by Vermeer.


Papp László Budapest Sport Arena

HAVASI Symphonic Aréna Show

The show goes on with Act Three. Last December, the two sold-out HAVASI Symphonic Arena Shows became one of the most successful Hungarian concerts in 2013 and hit the world’s musical forefront.


Museum of Ethnography

Nigeria Monarchs - The Custodians of Peace and Culture by George Osodi

Nigeria, one of the largest and most important countries in Africa is rich in traditions and customs, both indigenous and modern as well as many different monarchies. Pre-colonially, many Kingdoms have existed in this region, were governed by their Monarchs who managed inter-village diplomacy, carried out the will of the people and prevented tyranny before the intrusion of the British who also created some new kings and kingdoms from existing one.


Museum of Fine Arts

Cangiante colouring in Ilona Keserü Ilona’s new paintings

"Since 2001 I have explored the potential of colour shifting effects primarily in my painting, as well as in a historical context, examining it from the perspective of physical and optical laws and phenomena, and observing it in the collections of the great museums of Europe." (Ilona Keserü Ilona)